At the Community Council Meeting on 12th December 2005, a representative from BEAR updated the community Council on a proposal the company had to upgrade the junction as part of the ongoing Trunk Road development programme.

The proposal is a DRAFT only and the community has been invited to comment on it. To this end there will be another community council meeting in Januray 2006 to examine and discuss some of the issues.

BEAR have kindly supplied the junction proposal as a .pdf file. To download a copy, click this link (please not it's a 800KB document so may take a while depending on your connection speed)

To view this file you will need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Viewer which is free. To download your copy follow this link or click below,




The improvement is part of the upgrade from Melville Lodges roundabout to Letham Toll. As I understand it, the proposed improvements will include carriageway widening and realignment including a crawler lane from the roundabout eastwards for a short distance. The specific change at the Letham Toll junction is to realign the Bow of Fife Road (to stagger the crossing) and to create a 'ghost island', on which cars will be able to stop to turn right. The initial reaction to this proposal at the community council was cool but we are encoraged that BEAR are looking at the situation and also appreciative of their consultation with us. Any suggestions, please email me and I'll post them on the site/ forward them to BEAR/ pass them on to the Community Councillors.


Further details of the Community Council Meeting to discuss roads and planning applications will be posted on this website.


Monimaill Community Council Response to BEAR proposal