The Problems


The A92 is is the main trunkroad through Fife running running north eastwards past Letham. The main road down to the A92 from Letham is The Row. This road continues as a minor road SE to the Bow of Fife after the A92 intersection.

We feel there are 4 safety issues here:

Problem 1: Speed

Problem 2: Overtakes

Problem 3: Sight lines

Problem 4: Ambiguous markings


The junction with the A92 is at
Grid Ref: NO310141.




Fife Camera Partnership










The A92 past Letham has a speed limit of 60mph. Cars however frequently travel in excess of that, taking advantage of the letham straight to overtake slower moving vehicles such as tractors and lorries. Fife Safety Camera Partnership often deploy camera vans on the A92.

Between 1st December 2004 and 30th September 2005, The Fife Safety Camera partnership have spent 47.5 hours monitoring speeds on the A92 at the Letham junction (Lindifferon stretch). In this time they recorded 281 offences. That equates to an offence every

10 minutes 8 seconds

Click here to see the Freedom of Information Reply.

This website launched on 3rd October 2005, based on existing data, if a speed camera had been situated on this stretch of road for the entire duration, it would have detected

offences so far.

- - - - UPDATE - - - -

Between 12th and 15th February 2007, a spped survey was undertaken by BEAR. They used a technique called 85th percentile recording which essentially is the speed at which 85% of traffic does noty exceed.

On the four days of the measurement the 85th percentile speeds recorded were 57mph northbound and 55mph southbound. 10% of the vehicles were driving in excess of the speed limit (60 mph) but few fatser than 70mph. Four vehicles were measured travelling at over 100mph! Regrettably this is considered typical for a single carriageway trunk road.

In summary these speeds do not support the lowering of the speed limit on the A92.

The Community's argument is of course that speed is only a part contributor to the mix of hazards at the junction and while the BEAR analysis is reassuring it is still worth remembering that the stopping distance of a car travelling at 60mph is still 240ft or 73 metres or 20 car lengths.






Many drivers see The Letham straight as an ideal place to overtake slower moving traffic. The straight, flat section of road is very enticing. Many drivers do not however notice that there is a junction at Letham and, despite the presence of red tarmac, willl often overtake in the danger zone.

This situation has been made worse by the new no overtake zone at Parbroath Crossroads, cutting down the number of Overtake Straights for drivers.




Ambiguous Markings

The markings at the junction are a bit confusing- is this a deceleration lane or a parking layby? Where does the parking zone stop? The Highway Code suggests that you don't park less than 10 metres (32 ft) from a junction except in an authorised parking space- is this such a circumstance?

Fife Police have offered an opinion and an interesting development....

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Sight Lines

This is perhaps the most dangerous and resolvable issue at the junction. Vehicles joining the A92 from Letham do not have a clear view towards Fernie because of the street furniture and the view towards Melville Lodges can be obstructed by vehicles, legitimately parked in the lay-by to the right.

Fife Council have moved the bus stops on both carriageways back from the road allowing significantly better views up the road. Photos to follow.

Well done to Fife Concil for listening and acting on this local concern!

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Bus stop (as it used to be)- new photos to follow
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